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Are you looking for a speaker for your next church conference, civic club, or corporate meeting?  Do you need someone to help train your leaders on a particular issue?  Are you desiring to help strengthen marriages and want to hold a marriage conference?  Synergy counselors are a great choice to help you with your next speaking engagement.  We are very blessed to be able to offer a wide variety of seminars and topics.

Our counselors often speak at area churches, conferences and corporate events.  They can lead a whole weekend long marriage conference or simply speak for an hour on many issues you may be interested in.

Dr. Don Brock is a well-known conference speaker, author, and consultant. He is also the Founder of Synergy Ministries, Inc., a growing ministry which offers vital teaching, encouragement and resources for pastors and corporate leaders worldwide.
Dr. Brock and his wife Yvonne, have been married for more than 44 years. They are the proud parents of two grown daughters and nine grandchildren.
He specializes in consulting, coaching, training, and speaking to churches, not-for-profit organizations, and corporations - challenging creativity and encouraging participants to be creative and become all that they can be. He has a passion for people and a desire to see them reach their full potential.


Do you want to take your team to the next level in organizational development? For over 25 years Don Brock has inspired people to live out leadership. He has been a corporate executive, continues to serve on several Corporate Boards of Directors, and is a retired military field grade officer.
"Leadership is influence, nothing more nothing less.  To grow in leadership, one must grow in influence."

We believe great team leadership begins with excellent self development. Once you understand the principles of self-leadership, the “Team” element of the leadership process makes sense and offers you clarity as you influence those who depend on your steady leadership.


We provide training, workshops, coaching, mentoring, and other learning opportunities for employees. Generally, an organization will contact us to come and teach on a particular topic as a one-time event, annually or even over a series of weeks.

We also do contract counseling for not-for-profit organizations, churches or for other ministries in the community.


We offer seminars on::
  • marriage
  • sex integrity issues
  • training small group leaders to work with teens/children
  • cutting
  • suicide
  • responding after a traumatic event
  • anxiety
  • divorce recovery
  • many more!


Lay counseling training sessions can be spread over several weeks to several months, meeting weekly or biweekly, for 2 to 3 hours each time. The number of lay counselor trainees for the training program is 3-25. Regular supervision of lay counselors, usually in small groups and one-on-one when needed, should be held on a weekly or biweekly basis.

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